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Freelance Services in the Lifestyle Category

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Lifestyle Category – FAQs

Who Are Lifestyle Freelancers?

Lifestyle Freelancers are the Freelancers who offer Services of the lifestyle industry. The lifestyle industry has been booming in the last few years, and more and more Freelancers have decided to make a career out of it. The most interesting part about the lifestyle industry is the different niches. There’s a niche for everyone to choose from and build a career in it.


What Type Of Lifestyle Niches Are There At Brybe?

Here are all the lifestyle niches you can find at our Marketplace: arts and crafts, astrology and psychics, celebrity impersonators, collectibles, cooking, family and genealogy, fitness and sports, gaming, greeting cards and videos, health and nutrition, life coaching, online tutoring, personal guides for travelers, and psychology.


What Makes A Good Lifestyle Freelancer?

When it comes to choosing the right Lifestyle Freelancer for your business, it all boils down to the following factors: freelancing experiences, knowledge, relevant education, and pricing. Freelancing experience is a must; it’s a non-negotiable factor. You need to find a professional Freelancer who doesn’t require any micro-managing on your side. Also, experienced Freelancers are more skillful and resourceful. Knowledge and education go hand in hand, but it’s all up to you to choose which one is more important to you. Pricing is something that you should consider, but it shouldn’t be the key factor. Sometimes it’s better to pay more for Freelancers who know their job.


Can I Post Lifestyle Jobs At Brybe Marketplace?

Absolutely! As a Buyer, you get the privilege to publish jobs, if that’s what you need. We call them Buyer’s Requests, but the concept is pretty much the same: you write a job title, a detailed description, put a price, and you can publish the Request. Once you do that, you’ll be able to receive proposals and offers from Freelancers.


What Makes Brybe a Different Freelance Marketplace?

Brybe connects Freelancers with small business owners from all over the world. Our Freelancers provide their Services for affordable prices. On top of that, we have created three types of Services to choose from when it comes to creating Services – Standard, Advanced, and Premium. However, the thing that makes Brybe significantly more different than the rest of the Freelance Marketplaces is the no-fee policy for Freelancers. Our Freelancers are not charged for the services or the income they make at our Marketplace. They take 100% of what they make. It’s an excellent benefit and all of our Freelancers gladly use it!