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We live in a time and age where technology is blooming. In the last two decades, the world has changed so much; we can hardly keep up with every technological change that happens in the world. But perhaps the most significant change we’ve endured is on the job market. So many things have changed that redefined the entire job market, and there’s never going back to the old styles.


One of the biggest changes we’re lucky to be witnessing is the rise of the freelance market. The number of freelancers has grown so much that in 2020, it reached a staggering 1.1 billion freelancers from all over the world. And that number is only going to grow from here.


The numbers shouldn’t be that surprising. There are a lot of benefits of working an online job as a freelancer. One and perhaps the most important one is being your boss. When you’re a freelancer, you’re in charge of everything. While that might sound scary initially, once you learn how to manage your time, money, and clients, it can quickly turn into the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Every freelancer is in charge of their clients. That includes the entire process — from searching for clients and sending cold emails, to getting the work done and managing the profit. But, aside from this, freelancers are also responsible for building a brand of themselves, which means networking, interacting with other freelancers or experts in the industry. Networking can bring a lot of benefits to any freelancer because having contacts can turn out to be the key to success. And, on top of everything, you get to manage your own time of work. Unless otherwise discussed, you can work in your time and get the job done when it fits you.


Who wouldn’t want to live like this, right? Luckily, we have a place for you where you can start working on building your freelance career — Brybe Freelance Marketplace. Brybe Freelancer Marketplace is a digital marketplace where Buyers can connect with Freelancers from all over the world. Our Freelance Marketplace is developed to meet the needs of both sides — the Freelancers and the Buyers. Anyone is welcome to create a profile - it’s free! Buyers can create profiles and send Buyer’s requests as job offers, and Freelancers can create profiles to offer their services. Also, Freelancers can create premade offers where every service they offer is specifically explained, offered in a package of services for an additional benefit for the Buyer.


What makes Brybe Freelance Marketplace better than what’s already on the market is our way to simplify the search for suitable Freelancers. Our talents are divided into multiple categories by industry. So, depending on your industry and the type of services you need, you can choose the specific category and scroll only through the names of Freelancers from that industry. 

It simplifies the search and saves time for the Buyer. Also, our Freelancers keep all of the money they earn through our platform. Unlike many freelancing platforms, we don’t charge any fees for the work done over our Freelancer Marketplace. This benefit is especially important for any beginner in the industry, as every penny is worth a diamond. 


Don’t miss out on signing up for our Brybe Freelancer Marketplace — it’s free!