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Getting started

How Does It Work?

What a "Brybe" is?

The deals made between Brands and Influencers are called "Brybes". There are two major types of Brybes on the platform: Packaged Brybes and Custom Brybes. Packaged Brybe is a packaged preset of services that Influencer publishes on the platform, and which can be ordered by any Brand. Custom Brybes are the services the Influencers may provide on-demand.

How to Brybe

Go to the profile of the influencer you like. Check if there are Packaged Brybes listed. Order the one that matches you by clicking the button "Brybe Me", fill out the requirements, if there are any, and pay your order. You may ask the influencer to send you a Custom Brybe by clicking the "Send Request" button in the influencer's profile. You'll receive your Custom Brybe via a message – then you can simply accept it.

How extra brybes work?

Extra Brybes are the additional services that influencers provide apart of their main services and that the brands can add to the order for an extra price. The brands can add Extra Brybes when they make the order – or later when the order is processed but has not yet been delivered by the influencer.


Communicate with influencers directly. Send messages, discuss promotion details, and make deals – all in one place. You may also send a Custom Brybe Request if the Packaged Brybes of the influencers you like don't quite fit you.

My Orders

"My Orders", is a section where you can see and manage all your orders made via Packaged Brybes or Custom Brybe. Order statuses: Active – is the status of the orders that were accepted and are being processed at the moment. Pending – is the status of the orders that have not yet been accepted by the influencer. When you make an order through the influencer's Packaged Brybe, the influencer gets the notification to accept the order. If the influencer accepts the order, the status changes to "Active", and if it was declined – the status changes to "Closed",. Complete – is the status of the orders that were finished. Closed by Influencer – is the status of the orders that weren't accepted or have been terminated due to some reasons by the influencer. Closed by Brand – is the status of the orders that have been terminated due to some reasons by the Influencer. Closed by Brybe – is the status of the orders that have been terminated due to some reasons by Brybe.

My Requests

Here you can see and manage all your requests. You can pause the request, so you won't be receiving new offers. You can close the request, so you won't be receiving new offers and all the offers you've received will be declined.


Creation of an Account

Your Brybe account can be used in two ways: as a brand or as an influencer. Depending on your needs, you can easily switch the status, simply clicking on the "Switch to Influencer" in the upright corner of the page. The first time you click it, you'll be asked to complete your registration as an influencer. When it's all done and the next time you click on "Switch to Influencer", your status will change automatically to the influencer. Click "Switch to Brand" if you want to get back to the brand's account.


When you register on it is important that you verify your email. A verification message will be sent to your email when you register – check it to complete the verification process.


Finding Influencers

The main tool for finding influencers is through the search. Set the filter according to what you are looking for to see the best-rated influencers selected for you. Check the ratings, the quality and the quantity of the reviews, the level, and their starting prices. Click on the influencers you like to see their profiles and Packaged Brybes they have. The Influencers can be marked as favorites, so you don't have to look for them again.

Influencer's Rating

There are two major systems that rate influencers: the Review Score & the Level. The Review Score shows how satisfied the previously incorporated brands were. (5 is the highest score influencers can achieve.) The Level shows the level of experience of an Influencer on Brybe. (5 is the highest level influencers can achieve.)

Brand's Requests

Another great way to find the right influencer is to post a request. In that case, you'll receive direct offers from influencers. To create an offer, go to the "My Request" page and click the "Create New Request" button. Once your request is posted, you'll start receiving the offers from influencers who'd like to work on your project – all you need to do now is to pick the ones that fit you. If you feel you have found the right one, accept the offer right away and the influencer will start doing the job. Or you can chat with the influencer, discuss the details and ask him/her to edit the offer according to your needs.


You can mark the influencers and the Packaged Brybes you like as favorite so you will never lose them again. Your favorite influencers can be found on the "Favorite Influencers", page. Your favorite Packaged Brybes are collected on the "Favorite Brybes" page.

Custom Brybe Milestones

Custom Brybe can be set up with the use of the milestones. They allow you to receive your order in parts, one by one. It is very convenient if you need the promotion to be executed at different times. Each milestone has its own time of delivery, therefore the order can be completed only after all of the milestones have been delivered.

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