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How it works?

What is Brybe?

A deal made between Buyer and Seller (Influencer or Freelancer) is called "Brybe". There are several ways those deals are made on the marketplace: through Packaged Offer, Custom Offer, and Buyer request/Influencer offer.

How does Packaged Offer work?

Packaged Offer is a list of services that Influencer or Freelancer can sell on the marketplace as a combined offer. All Packaged Offers are placed in Brybe Catalog, where buyers can find them and purchase them right away.

What is Extra Offer?

Extra Offer is an additional service that is used to expand an existing active order. However, it cannot be purchased independently.

What is a request for Custom Offer?

As a buyer, you may send a request for a Custom Offer to a specific Influencer or a Freelancer. This request is not the actual offer but more like a direction of what you'd like to get in return as the offer from the seller. You may send the request for the Custom Offer by clicking the button "Send Request" in the Influencer/Freelancer profile. Your request will be sent via Brybe messenger to the Influencer or Freelancer directly.

How does Custom Offer work?

Custom Offer is a personalized offer that is sent by an influencer or a freelancer to a buyer directly, via Brybe messenger. Custom Offer is often sent in response to a request for Custom Offer received from a buyer.

How does Buyer Request work?

"Buyer Request is a list of influencer or freelancer service requirements that buyers may create and post on the marketplace. There are two types of Buyer Requests: for influencer services or for freelancers. Every request is posted in the Request Catalog and is accessible for all the sellers. When freelancers or influencers match the requirements, they may apply for the request with relevant offers, which can be purchased."

What to know about the order?

When buyer purchases sellers offer, the order is placed. The initial status of all the placed orders is "Pending". It is important to know that the order actually starts when its status becomes "Active". "Active" the order becomes when the influencer or freelancer accepts to execute placed order. If a "Pending" order is not accepted within 24 hours, the buyer gets the option to cancel it and to return the money back.

How to extend active order?

Every order has its fixed time of execution, however, if needed, this time can be extended. To do so, the seller may send a request for the delivery time extension to the buyer, and if the buyer accepts it, the time will be extended for the requested amount of time. Please, notice that only the orders with the status "Active" can be extended.

How can I terminate active order?

If the order is not executed on time every buyer has the right to terminate the order. When its delivery time is expired you may notify your seller, demanding the delivery to be made within 24 hours. And if the seller fails to deliver the order after the notification, you get the option to terminate the order and to return your money back. You may also appeal to Brybe Support at [email protected]

How to complete the order?

The order is completed when the seller makes the delivery and the buyer accepts the delivery results. Order results are delivered on the order's page, in the block of delivery. After the order completes the seller gets paid.


Create an account

You may use three different options to create the account on Brybe. You may use email and password for registration, or sign up through Google or Facebook account. Once you create your account on Brybe you are able to switch between all three roles: buyer, freelancer, and influencer. You may also change the default role if needed so that you could log in to your account under the preferred role. Each role has its own required indicators that must be provided during the registration process in order to have access to all the features and to freely switch between the roles within the account.


Registration on Brybe requires all the users to verify the email address and a phone number.


Where to look for Influencers?

If you are looking for Influencers, please, proceed to the Influencer catalog. Use filter and sorter to find the best match. If you are looking for a specific Influencer - the best way would be using search in the header bar.

Where to look for Freelancers?

If you are looking for Freelancers, please, proceed to the Freelancer catalog. Use filter and sorter to find the best match. If you are looking for a specific Freelancer - the best way would be using search in the header bar.

Where to find Packaged Offers?

All the Packaged Offers from both Freelancer and Influencers are stored in the Brybe Catalog. You may apply different filters to find the best offers for your project. You may also use a search tool from the header bar of the website.

How to find the social network account of the influencer that I'd like to work with?

Proceed to the profile of the Influencer whose social network account you'd like to see. You will see all the social networks connected to the account on the left side of the page, in the bio. Each connected social network contains a link that leads to the account. Click on the icon of the social network you'd like to see, and then click on the account link.

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