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Brybe and Buyers

Orders and Requests

Where to see the order I placed?

You may find your orders on the dashboard page "Orders and Inquiries" - "My Orders". This is where you are able to manage them.

How to add more time to the order?

You may ask your influencer to send you a request for the delivery time extension. Once you accept it, the order will be extended automatically.

It's been a while since I placed the order and it is still in "Pending" status. What should I do?

We'd suggest you first of all try to reach out to the seller to find out the reasons for the delay. If the order you placed is in "pending" status for more than 24 hours you may cancel it and return your money back. Visit the order's page and click the button "Cancel the order" in the popped-up banner.

How to terminate the order if it wasn't delivered on time?

Order termination is made in two steps. Once the delivery time has been expired, you get the option to notify your seller, demanding to make delivery within the next 24 hours. If the seller fails to deliver the order even after the notification, you will get the option to terminate the order.

Can I ask for a revision of the results of the order?

Revision is a service that may or may not be provided by influencers/Freelancers. This is why it is important to make sure if such a service has been included in the offer. Revisions may not be included in the main list of services of the offer package but be provided as an extra offer (you may check this during the checkout process). If the revisions weren't included anywhere you may not be provided by the seller at all. However, you may always ask your Influencer or Freelancer to provide the revision through Extra Offer, while its status is "Active".

Why do I receive offers from sellers that do not match the criteria of my request?

We do not limit sellers when they decide to apply for a Buyer Request, however, you can easily sort the offers that match your requirements with one click on the request page.

What do request statuses mean?

Each request has 3 statuses: "Active" - the request has been posted in the catalog and is available for sellers to apply for it. "Paused" - the request is no longer posted in the catalog and is not available for new sellers to apply for it, yet its received offers are active and can be purchased. "Closed" - the request is no longer available for sellers to apply for it and all the received offers are automatically declined and can't be purchased.

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