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Getting started

How it works?

What is Brybe?

Brybe is an international online marketplace of influencers and freelancers who provide their digital services all around the world.

How does Packaged Offer work?

Packaged offer is a list of services that an influencer or a freelancer sells on the marketplace as a combined offer. All packaged offers are placed in the offer catalogs - this is where buyers can find and purchase them. To create a Packaged Offer click the button "Create New Offer".

What is Extra Offer?

Extra offer is a service that can be added to the order for an additional price.

What is custom offer and how does it work?

You may send a personalized offer to a buyer if you already have a common dialog in messenger together. Click the button "Send an offer" in the dialog to create and send it. Once the buyer accepts it and pays for it the order will be placed. When the order is placed on the dashboard page "My Orders", please, proceed to its page and confirm it. After that, you may start the execution of this order.

How does Buyer Request work?

As an Influencer, you may apply for Buyer requests with your unique offer. All the requests are posted in the Request Catalog. Before applying for a request make sure that you match its requirements. Once you've applied the buyer will get notified about it, and if your offer is accepted - the order will be placed on the dashboard page "My Orders". When the order is placed, please, proceed to the order's page and confirm it. After that, you may start executing it.

What to know about the order feature?

When a buyer purchases your offer, the order is placed. The initial status of all the placed orders is "Pending". It is important to know that the order actually starts when its status becomes "Active". The order becomes "Active" when you accept to execute it. If a "Pending" order is not accepted within 24 hours, the buyer gets the option to cancel it and to return the money.

How to extend active order?

Every order has its fixed time of execution, however, if needed, this time can be extended. To do so, you may send a request for the delivery time extension to the buyer, and if the buyer accepts it, the time will be extended for the requested amount of time. Please, notice that only the orders with the status "Active" can be extended.

How to complete the order?

To complete the order and to get paid, you should make a delivery. Proceed to the order's page and click the button "Deliver now". Attach all the necessary links and files with the results of the order in the popped-up window. Once the buyer accepts the delivery, the order will be completed and you get paid. If you made the delivery and the buyer does not accept it or does not make a request for a revision, the order will be completed automatically after 72 hours of its timer expiration.


How to register on Brybe?

You may use three different options to create the account on Brybe. You may use email and password for registration, or sign up through Google or Facebook accounts. Once you create your account on Brybe you are able to switch between all three roles: buyer, freelancer, and influencer. You may also change the default role if needed so that you could log in to your account under the preferred role. Each role has its own required indicators that must be provided during the registration process.


Registration on Brybe requires all the sellers to verify their email address and phone number.

Social Networks connection

As an Influencer, you must have at least one social network connected to your Brybe account. This account should have 1,000 or more followers. You may connect only one account for each social network available. Before you decide to connect some social network account, please, make sure that this account is a business or creator account and is not restricted for a public view. Also, you should log in to the account that you want to connect in the same browser that you use to visit You may always manage your social network accounts connection on the dashboard page "Account Settings" - "Control Panel".


Where to find requests from buyers?

All the requests from buyers are posted in the Request catalog. You may use filters to find the requests that match you the best. If you are looking for a specific request, use the header bar search tool.

How to get more deals with buyers?

The first thing we recommend you to do is to create a Packaged offer. You may create several different offers to maximize your chances of meeting the demand of a wider scale of buyers. Try not to fall off the market trends by the price. Don't make your prices too high. Leave the space for buyers to extend your offer with additional services using Extra offers. The more attractive your offer is - the higher chances to get a deal with buyers are. When applying for a buyer request make sure you meet the requirements. Despite the fact that you are able to apply for any buyer request we wouldn't recommend you do that. A professional approach is valued the most. Use social media platforms to inform your potential clients about the offers you post on Brybe. Share the links to your profile and the Packaged Offers wherever you can. Stay active. Always check your inbox for new messages and requests, so that you don't miss them.

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