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Getting started

How Does It Work?

What a "Brybe" is?

The deals made between brands and Influencers are called "Brybes". There are two major types of Brybes on the platform: Packaged Brybes and Custom Brybes. Packaged Brybe is a packaged preset of services that Influencer publishes on the platform, and which can be ordered by any Brand. Custom Brybes are the services the Influencers may provide on-demand.

How Extra Brybes Work?

Extra Brybes are the additional services that influencers provide apart of their main services and that the brands can add to the order for an extra price. The brands can add Extra Brybes when they make the order – or later when the order is processed but has not yet been delivered by the influencer.


Reach Brands directly. Discuss promotion details, and make deals – all in one place. Along with the main function – to communicate – influencers can create and send Custom Brybes to the brands through the Messenger, and attach digital materials (images, videos, documents, etc.).


Creation of an Account

Your Brybe account can be used in two ways: as a brand or as an influencer. Depending on your needs, you can easily switch the status, simply clicking on the "Switch to Brand" in the upright corner of the page. The first time you click it, you'll be asked to complete your registration as a brand. When it's all done and the next time you click on "Switch to Brand", your status will change automatically to the brand. Click "Switch to Influencer" if you want to get back to the influencer's account.


When you register on it is important that you verify your email. A verification message will be sent to your email when you register – check it to complete the verification process.

Social Networks

There are 5 social networks that are supported on Brybe: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. To be able to create Packaged Brybes, make Custom Brybes, and send offers to requests of the brands, it is mandatory that at least one of the social networks is linked to your profile.


Find Brands

Find the brands via the "Brand Catalog" or through the "Brand Requests" page. Set the filter according to your needs and see what brands have requests that might fit you. Read the request's description, check the requirements and send your offer.

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