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Profile Settings

My Profile

Help Brands to get to know you better. Keep your profile informative – provide the description, tell everybody about your social media experience and its advantages, link your social networks to demonstrate your online presence. Go to the dashboard, then click "My Account" and choose "General Settings" to manage your profile.

Account Deletion

If you decided to delete your account on, go to the dashboard, click "My Account", choose "General Settings", click the "Delete Account" button, and complete the required steps.

Changing the Password

To change your password, go to the dashboard page of "Security". There you can also verify your phone number if needed.


You can manage your notifications on the dashboard page in the "Notifications Settings". Set them the way that is the best for you.


Creating the Packaged Brybe

To start creating Packaged Brybes, go to your profile and click the "Create New Brybe" button. One Packaged Brybe may contain up to three options for one of five social networks. What these Brybes will be – it is completely up to you to decide. List the services you want to provide, select a social network, set the delivery time and the number of revisions, and finally set the price. Add Extra Brybes to make your offer expandable. Make your own FAQ to give the brands a bit more info about your offer. Add requirements (it can be anything that helps you to complete the order). When everything is filled out, click the button "Finish", and your Brybe will be published on your profile.

Edition of a Brybe

You can edit your Packaged Brybes at any time. Go to your profile, choose the one you want to change. Click on it, and then click the "Edit Brybe" button. To complete editing, click the button "Save".


There's a lot of ways and tools to make a promotion on social networks: posts, stories, video, text, etc. Therefore, you have absolute freedom in what to offer. As an influencer, you decide how to tell your followers about brands and their products. Basically, all efforts and actions that are necessary for posting can be offered as the actual services.


Just like any other market, the influencers market has its own demand and supply dependencies, therefore it is important to be aware of them. You can set any prices you want for the services you provide, however, to help you keep up within the market, we've prepared the recommendations that are going to inform you of what prices would be appropriate for your services – based on the data of your presence in social media. Find out more about these recommendations, here.

Influencer FAQ

When you create a Packaged Brybe, think of what brands might ask you about, and give the answers to these possible questions in advance. Such info may save time both for brands and for you, and will help you better sell your services.


Review Score

All reviews that you get are the points that help your performance on the Brybe. The more positive reviews you receive, the higher your Review Score will be. The highest score you can achieve on Brybe is 5 stars.


The Level is meant to demonstrate your experience on the Brybe. Your Level depends on the Review Score and the number of orders you've completed. The higher your Review Score is and the higher the number of the orders you had – the higher the Level you get.


Trust & Safety

To provide a safe and comfortable environment for all participants is essential to us, which is why we've created the platform where users' freedom and the matters of protection are working and co-existing together in the right balance. Your privacy is valuable to Brybe, therefore all the data and your activity is secured and are never being shared with the third parties. All transactions are conducted on the platform to provide full transparency of the operations and security of the processes.

Billing info


All the money you get from the orders is deposited in your balance. Your balance is shown in the upright corner of a page, or you can check it in "My Wallet & Billing" under "My Wallet". There you're able to manage your wallet: refill balance, withdraw money, and add or remove the methods of payments.

Billing history

Go to "My Wallet & Billing" – "Billing history" to see the history of all transactions made on your account. You can get a statement for any period you need there. Click the button "Get Statement" and set a preferred time.

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