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Brybe and Influencers

Orders & Requests


All orders you make are listed on the "My Orders" page. To see order details and to manage them, you just need to click on the chosen order in the list. Inside the order, you'll see the following information: – Order specification; – Filled out requirements; – Extra Brybes that can be added to the order; – Order delivery – seen when the influencer finished the order and sent it to you; – Order chat – where you and the influencer can communicate regarding the order. All the order related system notifications are also sent there.

Custom Brybe

Along with the regular Packaged Brybe you can make a Custom Brybe. Such a tool expands your capacity to meet the brand's needs and to get more orders due to the individual approach. Custom Brybe is being made and is being sent via our Messenger. Brands may send you a request for a Custom Brybe. It is up to you to decide whether you accept this request or decline it. You may turn that option off if you don't want to receive requests for Custom Brybes. Go to dashboard, click "My Account", and switch the "Custom Brybe" option off. Along with that, you may turn off the "Low Price Request" function on the "Notification Settings" page that will not allow the brands to send you Custom Brybe Requests with a price lower than your starting price is.


When the brand wants to get its order in parts at a different time, create a Custom Brybe with milestones and deliver the order in portions by the time it's needed.


Make sure you deliver the order on time. When you are ready to deliver the order click the "Deliver Now" button, attach the files and links that prove the job was done, provide the delivery with a short description to let the brand know what exactly has been done and where to see the results. If you believe you need more time to complete the order, you may ask the brand for delivery time extension via the Resolution Center. If the brand accepts your request for a delivery time extension, the additional time will be immediately added to the order deadline. If the brand refuses your request for delivery time extension you should either keep up within the delivery time you agreed on or close the order through Resolution Center – providing the reason why do you want to close the order.


As an Influencer, you may or may not include revision services to the offer.


Order Payments

Influencers get paid for every order that was delivered and was accepted by brands. If there are no revisions required, the brand has up to 3 days to accept the delivery. If the delivery was not accepted by the brand and revisions were not claimed in 3 days after the delivery had been made – the order would be automatically completed and the money would be deposited into the influencer's balance.

Order resolution

Resolution Center Functions

Brybe Resolution Center is meant to provide you all help & support regarding the use of If you face any issues, appeal straight to the Resolution Center, complete the form of issue and we will reach you with feedback within the next 24 hours.

Closing the Order

The order can be terminated via Resolution Center if its status is not "Completed". Go to the Resolution Center, complete the required steps and send your request.

Orders Under Resolution

During the process of the resolution, the order is blocked for 24 hours so that the Resolution Center team could examine the case properly and that any possible changes could not affect the resolution results. When the resolution process begins, both the brand and the influencer get a notification explaining the subject of an issue.

Resolution Complete

When the resolution process is completed, the brand and the influencer get notified with the resolution results. The decision made is mandatory to follow. Ignoring Resolution Center's decision may be a subject for penalties. Read Terms & Conditions.

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