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Where to see the orders?

You may find your orders on the dashboard page "Orders and Offers" - "My Orders". This is where you are able to manage them.

How to add more time to the order?

Proceed to the order's page and click the button "Request More Time". Once the buyer accepts it the order delivery time will be extended.

What order statuses mean?

The order may have 6 different statuses: "Pending" - the order has been placed and requires you to confirm your will to execute it. "Active" - the order is being executed and requires delivery to be made in time. "Completed" - the order has been fulfilled and the seller has got paid. "Closed by Buyer" - the buyer has terminated the order. "Closed by Influencer" - the seller has terminated the order. "Closed by Brybe" - Brybe Administration has terminated the order.

How to terminate the order?

You may self terminate the order while it is in the "Pending" status. Proceed to the placed order page and decline it. If the order is in the "Active" status, you should contact Brybe Support at [email protected]

How to add Extra Offers to the order?

Click the button "Send Extra Offer" in the block of specification, on the order's page, and fill out the required fields in the popped-up window. Once you submit it, it will appear in the order's chat. When the buyer accepts it you'll get notified and will have to give your confirmation for including it in the order specification by clicking "Accept" in the notification.

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