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Marcelo Vieira Jr.


Marcelo Vieira Jr.

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Madrid, Spain
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The current captain of Real Madrid, Marcelo Vieira, is one of the most popular sports figures nowadays. He has 48.9 million followers on Instagram and being an Adidas athlete, he’s one of the most popular sports influencers and celebrities in the world. Born in 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo’s road to Real Madrid wasn’t easy. He came from a poor family, and although he wanted to pursue his father’s dream of becoming a firefighter, his father motivated him to continue playing football. His grandfather even sold his car to help him with his football training. He gave his first salary of 100 reais to his grandfather. It was in 2005 when he was transferred from the Fluminense youth team to the adult team, and it was during this time when clubs started to get interested in him. His attacking style attracted the attention of the managers at Real Madrid, and his transfer was €6.5 million. He quickly earned the trust of the players, especially Roberto Carlos. He debuted in the Real Madrid jersey on January 7, 2007. He’s happily married to his wife, whom he met at the age of 15. He has achieved many awards over the years with his team — UEFA Champions League is the most common among all of them. You can reach out to Marcelo’s booking agent through our platform and see if he’s interested to collaborate with your brand.
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Team Sports and Games
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