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Animals FAQs

1. What do Influencers in the Animal Category promote? 

In the latest years, the rise of Animal Influencers has been significant. People worldwide have seen the potential the Animal category has for building an influencer career of it. The Influencers in the Animal category are all about posting content, promoting products or services that are in any way related to animals of any kind. They can post exciting content like a video or image of their pets, a post where they try to increase awareness of a specific issue, or promote products that can improve the overall health of any animal. 


2. What do Influencers in the Animal Husbandry Category post online? 


Influencers in this category promote products or services that can help with the overall health of animals raised on a farm for specific needs, such as producing meat, milk, eggs, etc. Taking care of these animals is much more complicated than taking care of pets, and these Influencers are not the regular types of Pet Influencers. Advertising any products or services in the Animal Husbandry category needs to be done only by Influencers who are experts in the field. Our Animal Husbandry Influencers can share food-related content, so if you’re a Buyer involved in producing such food, you can directly contact them via our Brybe Marketplace. 


3. Cattle Influencers - What do They Do? 


As the name suggests, Cattle Influencers are advocates for that agricultural life, specifically cattle life. As you may already know, Cattle is a business where cows, bulls, calves, and oxen are raised for multiple reasons, but the most common ones are for producing dairy, beef, and leather. Our Cattle Influencers are open to advertising different products from the cattle business - from products made on the farm, animal care products, health-related products, or raise awareness on a particular topic for these Animals on Instagram. 


4. What Makes a Good Pet Influencer?


A good pet Influencer is a person who loves animals. You can easily recognize them because they always share any type of pet-related content, they are probably pet-owners themselves, and you can see how happy they are around any pet animals. A great Pet Influencer can build a trustworthy relationship with any pet. They’re aware that pets are not human and require more patience. Most importantly, great Pet Influencers understand their pet’s character. An excellent Pet Influencer knows what makes their pet different from the rest of the Animals on Instagram.


5. What Benefits do Buyers Have From Collaborating With Influencers Involved With Animals’ Raising and Training? 


The topic of raising and training animals gets a lot of attention online, but only the great Influencers can help you get to your targeted audience. If you’re involved in this industry, or you’re a Buyer who owns an Animal store, you’ll need a talented Influencer to promote all the training tools, toys, and equipment. A great Influencer will not only show the necessary product for good animal training, but they can record a video, create a poll on Instagram or post any type of educational content that explains how to use all the equipment for proper training.