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Fashion FAQs

1. What To Look For In Fashion Influencers?


Fashion Influencers are some of the most popular Influencers on any social media. Trying on clothes, getting ready in front of the camera, posting videos of multiple looks are just some of the things Fashion Influencers do daily.


If you’re working in the Fashion industry and need a Fashion Influencer to promote your brand, look for Fashion creators obsessed with fashion. They can be Luxury Influencers, Jewelry Influencers, or Celebrities Influencers. All of the content they publish on their social media accounts should prove their expertise in the latest fashion trends. Also, look for fun creators whose fashion style correlates with your brand image. Their work includes posting creative fashion-related posts - sometimes an image, other times videos and reels, a poll on Instagram’s story on which fashion look looks better on them. Check the engagement rates too, and see whether they interact with their audience or not.


2. How Тo Collaborate with Luxury-oriented Influencers?


Luxury Influencers can be more challenging to work with than other types of Influencers. Because of their lifestyle, they need to maintain a high-end image of themselves on all social media platforms, including not being easily accessible for everyone out there. To collaborate with Luxury Influencers, you need to make sure that your products or services match their style. You can find multiple Luxury Influencers at the Brybe Marketplace. Also, be mindful of the platform they are most popular on - it may not resonate with your target audience. Once you know which Influencers you need, you can contact them or their agent directly via our marketplace.


3. Influencer Models - How To Connect With Them?


Any luxurious brand can benefit from collaborating with top-rated Fashion Influencers, specifically with Influencers Models. Influencer models may or may not have been included in any fashion or runway show, but they have the looks, the style, and the image of a typical model. They use their social media profiles to promote themselves as Influencers Models. Before you reach out to them for your next campaign, do your research on their price or their previous collaborations with fashion brands. Usually, Influencers Models publish high-quality images and videos, all done with a professional camera, so keep that in mind when arranging the details with them. When you find your Influencers, reach out to them with a precise goal in mind. And, don’t discourage yourself if you don’t get an answer - there are plenty of Fashion Influencers and Influencer Models here at Brybe Marketplace who want to represent your brand.


4. What You Should Know Before Hiring Photographers Influencers?


For the Buyers who are looking for top-rated Photographers Influencers, here’s a tip that will save you time and money: visualize how your campaign should look like so that you can easily find the most suitable Photographer Influencer for your brand. Each Photographer Influencers has its own photo style - street photographers, travel, wildlife, etc. If you’re looking for something specific to be advertised in a particular manner, then search for those specific Influencers. Photographers work very hard to build a brand of their photographs on social media, so when you know what you’re looking for, you can easily tap into their audience too.


5. How to Hire Stylists and Designer Influencers?


Buyers should be aware of the difference between Fashion Influencers and Style and Designer Influencers. Fashion Influencers may promote clothes only, and they don’t have to be luxurious brands either. However, Stylist Influencers may be more involved in the Fashion industry as stylists themselves. The same can happen for Designer Influencers, too - they may already have a name built for themselves, and with it comes an established audience with loyal followers. When contacting any of them for a potential collaboration, compliment them on their work and present the goals you want to achieve with your influencer campaign.