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DIY Influencers – FAQs

Who Are DIY Influencers?


DIY Influencers are the ones who promote the DIY lifestyle on their social media accounts. DIY is placed in the home category as a subcategory, and often, the most popular DIY projects are about home repair. However, these Influencers can promote the lifestyle in all aspects of everyday life. Most of them talk about DIY projects about home design, and home repairs. For example, they can record a video of themselves restoring an old bookshelf from start to finish, and that’s considered a successful DIY project. In making the video, they can mention the specific products they’ve used, and that's how they advertise products or services. Also, if you own a home repair business and need social media promotion, these are the right Influencers for you. They have an army of followers who love to see such content, and you’ll find new customers in their audience.


How To Recognize A Top-Rated Home Repair Influencer?


Home Repair Influencers are somehow involved in the home or repair business. They may own a furniture store or designers themselves, or love to bring new life to old houses. Whatever the cause may be, their social media accounts will be filled with images that resonate with their true nature. They constantly seek new projects to work on and talk about them on their social media profiles. Also, many home repairs are done for people who belong to vulnerable categories and people who can’t afford these repairs, so the Influencers are the ones who discuss their issues and challenges. They are calm, caring, and lovable individuals ready to help both the businesses and the people achieve their goals.


What’s The Difference Between Home Design and Home Repair Influencers?


Home Design Influencers are usually professional designers who promote home-design-related products or services and design the homes themselves. When hired, many of these Home Design Influencers have a certain budget to perform all the DIY projects they want in a certain amount of time. They show all of their experience online for the followers to see, gain ideas and use the same products. Home Repair Influencers, on the other hand, repair homes. They advertise different services — handyman services, tile repair services, windows repair services, electrical and plumbing repair, bathroom and kitchen repair, etc. Whether you’re working solo or as a part of an agency, if you need social media promotion, these are the Influencers to do the work for you.


How To Connect With Home Influencers?


Every Home Influencer is different. Some Home Influencers promote home products of a particular style or design eras. Others are more open to the idea of promoting just about anything. It’s up to you as a Buyer to set clear goals before starting your search for the right Influencers. Home and DIY Influencers are usually quite friendly and open to new collaborations. If you believe in your product and service, take your time to find out more about the particular Influencer you want to collaborate with. Discover their preferences, work ethic, and if previous collaborations with competitors. Find out if they’re trying to engage with their followers, the different types of content they share on their profiles when they’re not advertising anything. If you discover more about their personality outside of the Influencer world, you’ll have greater chances to succeed with your campaign.