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Facebook Influencers for Hire

Followers - More to Less

Nano - Mega
Social Media
  • Followers
    1000 - 10000000
    Low - Excellent
    Audience Age Range
    0 - 100
$5 - $999,999
Delivery Time

Facebook Influencers - FAQs

What does Facebook influencer mean?


Facebook Influencers are people who have many friends and followers or administrate pages and groups with plenty of likes/members. They are popular and influential among their audience and usually charge fees to promote some business or product, to help the client attract their potential customers. On Brybe, you can find a lot of these people, who cover different fields, so you can hire the right one. You can choose from different categories, adjust the price range you can afford, and hire the Facebook influencer that fits your requirements. You can also add more filters, like geographical location, the average reach you prefer, and, of course, the language. Enhance your campaign in the most efficient way using our service.


How do I choose the right Facebook influencer to hire?


Тhe process of hiring an influential Facebook creator and influencer on Brybe is very simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the category your business or mission covers (fashion, health, food, business, IT...).
  2. Adjust the tier marker, from nano to mega, by your preferences and needs.
  3. Select the social media channel you prefer; in this case, that would be Facebook.
  4. Filter the Influencers by the number of their followers, engagement, and age range.
  5. Choose the location you need to target, so you can find the right Facebook Influencers.
  6. Set the price range you can afford.
  7. Choose the language you prefer.
  8. Set a delivery time for the campaign.

After you set these filters, you will get a list of available Influencers to work with you right now.


How can I trust Brybe Facebook Influencers?


We are here to help our Buyers reach the Influencer they think it's suitable to work with on their campaign. By setting up the filters and selecting the category, every user can offer their services or find someone to collaborate with. You can be 100% sure that every profile listed on Brybe Facebook Influencers is already checked by us, and we can assure you they are completely legitimate. Also, our Influencers can offer their services and wait for the right client to find and hire them. Our top Influencers are verified, so we can ease your search and make the list more accessible to everyone.


What's the difference between nano and mega-tier Influencers?


Nano is the lowest tier, and mega is the largest tier of Facebook Influencers. As you can see, it's the second filter criteria in our sidebar, so you can slide the marking points and determine which level of the tier you need for your campaign. But, how to estimate what that means?

  • Nano Influencers have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers;
  • Micro-tier is the level that covers profiles with 10,000 to 50,000 followers;
  • Mid-tier Facebook influencer is an Influencer that has at least 50,000, up to 500,000 followers;
  • Macro Influencers have up to 1,000,000 followers on their Facebook page or profile;
  • Mega-tier profiles are those who go above 1,000,000 followers;

So, it's on you to decide the volume of the audience you want to reach, filter out the profiles, and set for the one you prefer.


Why should I use Brybe?


This service works in both ways. Influencers can offer their services and wait for the client to hire them, or Buyers and service providers can look through the list and find the person they think suits their project the best. If you are a Facebook influencer, you can create an offer and list all the services you offer, together with the demanded price. So, when the client sets the same criteria, both of you can easily match and have long and exceptional collaboration. On the other hand, if you are a Buyer, you can set the filters and find the person that fits them nicely. The good thing is that the Influencers are listing their other social media profiles too, so you won't have to stick only on one platform. This is the biggest advantage of using our website to hire the right Influencer for you.


Why should I use the filters on Brybe?


In order to connect to the right person, you must set some criteria, so all the things can go easier. In the left sidebar, you can find different filters you need to set before hiring someone. Facebook Influencers are available everywhere, but you need to be pretty certain when you set the language and location or the price range you can afford. The filters are super useful; you won't lose your time looking through the offers you are not interested in. Even if you find the perfect Facebook Influencer, they may not speak the language you prefer or don't have an active audience at your target geolocation. By setting the criteria in advance, the whole process is much easier for everyone, and this is the main reason why you need to use those filters before you go deeper into the process.


Are Brybe services free?


There are two types of plans. The first one is Basic FREE which is, as the name says, for free. But, there is also a Business PRO plan, which costs $99.99 per month. You can find special offers and discounts pretty often, so the price may drop around $59.99 sometimes. Surely, these two plans cover different services. The free one has some limits when it comes to messaging with the clients and Influencers, but also for collaborations and hires. The PRO version comes with unlimited features, and it's more about those who launch plenty of campaigns in a short period.