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Celebrity Influencers For Hire - FAQs

How do I choose the right celebrity Influencer on Brybe?


Choose the Brybe entertainment category, and then find the Celebrities subcategory. What do we have here? We feature the social media profiles of many popular people around the world. They can be singers, actors, artists, athletes, reality shows, and TV personalities. All these Influencer profiles are verified by the Brybe Marketplace, which means that you are hiring a reliable and verified profile to work with. Keep in mind that many of them may have tons of followers. That explains why celebrities' Influencers are the most expensive category on Brybe Marketplace. The method of selection is very easy. Once you have selected the subcategory, you only need to further specify the size of the audience, the price you can pay, and the language and geolocation for your campaign.


Why should I use entertainment Influencers?


Entertainment Influencers are the most popular category on the Brybe Marketplace. Our Buyers gladly choose it, because these Influencers offer so many unique and interesting ways of promotion. Also, you should use entertainment Influencers because that's the main category that features celebrities Influencers too. If your marketing plan allows you to set a bigger budget for Influencer marketing, then we highly recommend choosing celebrities for it. What to do if you don't have that money, but still want an exceptional promotion? Don't worry, because we have so many other options for every Buyer. We recommend you to check on the top Instagram Influencers non-celebrity category. We are sure you will find what you are looking for but at a lower price.


Celebrity or an Influencer: What's the difference?


The difference may not be that obvious. A lot of Influencers became popular over time, but not every celebrity is an Influencer. The combined category is known as celebrities Influencers, but we will explain the celebrity vs Influencer battle now. Entertainment Influencers are groups or individuals who gained their popularity mostly through their social media activity. A lot of the celebrities today started as Influencers. They became popular due to their interesting posts and online behavior. Celebrities were popular before the rise of social media. There are so many of them that became Influencers just because they were popular before. Some celebrities don't even have profiles or pages on the networks. And our category celebrities Influencers combine the two aspects.


Micro Influencers vs celebrities: What is the best?


Micro Influencers and celebrities are different groups that don't have much in common. But still, the Brybe Marketplace offers micro celebrities Influencers too. Anyway, it doesn't mean micro Influencers aren't that influential. It depends on the followers' count, because they may have a few thousand followers, or a bigger audience, up to 100,000 followers. Plenty of celebrity Influencers fit this range nicely. Do we need a winner in the micro Influencers vs celebrities battle? Absolutely not! Brybe is a Marketplace that features celebrity Micro Influencers. They are cheaper than the top celebrities Influencers, but our Buyers can still manage to have an exceptional campaign. Check this out by yourself, and you will find the best combination for you.