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TV Influencers For Hire - FAQs

Can all the photographers be Influencer photographers?


The simplest answer to this question is no, not every photographer can and should be an Influencer photographer. Some professionals simply want to do their job without sharing that on social media. But, there are, for example, wedding photographer Influencers who want to share important tips for other photographers. At the same time, they let the audience enjoy their job, and increase their chances of getting hired. If you are a photographer who wants to become, for example, an Instagram Influencer photographer, you can join the Brybe Marketplace and make your dreams come true. You will get that if you hire the right Influencer photographer here.


What does it mean to be a wedding photographer Influencer?


Wedding photography is maybe the most popular topic among photographers. It brings them high income, and every married coupled appreciates those moments. That's one of the reasons why many want to become wedding photographers Influencers. They will share their job on social media, create an online portfolio, or even work with our Buyers to help them become professional photographers. Also, the best way to estimate the quality of someone's job is to see their wedding shots. There are so many professional profiles, but it's quite understandable why one wants to become a wedding photographer Influencer and increase the chances of getting hired.


What kind of Influencer photographer is the most common?


Most Influencer photographers are dedicated to weddings and their Instagram profiles. But, this is still too general because there are photographers with an online portfolio or they only have a Facebook page. Every professional finds a way to promote their work to the audience. Brybe can be a great starting point for new photographers who want to establish connections with other professionals. When things are done right, our Buyer can expect to become an Instagram Influencer photographer or focus on another network. Also, these Influencers can share useful tips on how to make better shots or review some specific product, like a camera, tripod, or other photo equipment.


What makes a good Instagram Influencer photographer?


A good Instagram Influencer photographer is focused on the followers on that specific network. They may have a large audience interested in their job. Also, they are posting:

  • Sharing photo news
  • Some of the previous projects
  • Creating attractive Insta stories
  • Tips on how to take better shots
  • Work with photo and media agencies

And most importantly, they collaborate with Brybe's Buyers.


How do I prepare for a collaboration with an Influencer photographer?


There are not a lot of things to do. Once the communication starts through Brybe, you, as a Buyer, can show your work to the chosen Influencer photographers and ask for their opinion. By doing this, they can motivate you to take different points of view and improve your job. You can at least, prepare a mini portfolio, provide the links to your finished projects, and create a strategy together. Brybe is a Marketplace that supports all these types of cooperation, as long as both sides, Buyers and Influencer photographers, are comfortable working together.


What will I get if I work with a professional Influencer photographer?


Our Buyers come to Brybe with the primary goal – to become popular, visible, and recognizable. When it comes to photography, you can try to become a wedding photographer Influencer or an Instagram Influencer photographer. But, before you do that, Brybe will help you get in touch with the best Influencer photographers, so you can set the terms and start working together.