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Entertainment Offers FAQs

1. How To Know If You Have A Good Entertainment Offer?


Entertainment is one of the most popular and visited categories on the Brybe Marketplace. Great Entertainment offers are deals that correspond with the wishes and goals of both sides. We want to say that there’s more to it, but really, that’s all you need for a good deal. Of course, you should look for talents that are suitable for your brand. Freelancers should have experience working in the entertainment industry, and Influencers should be more involved in advertising such products or services. The price and the deadline should suit your business goals and budget, so make sure to do detailed research before picking any Freelancer or Influencer.  


2. What Should Be Included In A Celebrity Offer?


A Celebrity Offer is a different type of deal. For starters, it’s created by someone who has a massive amount of audience or for someone who’s already popular in some way. For example, if you’re looking for a Celebrity Offer by Influencers, you should look for someone who has represented celebrities at one point or another. If you’re searching for a Freelancer Celebrity deal, you should look for someone who has worked for a Celebrity. Their lifestyle and general privacy rules are different from the rest of the industries here at Brybe, so working with someone who has the experience can make things a lot easier on you as a Buyer. Also, the deal should include the exact services, the delivery time, any additional information if necessary. If you’re looking for an Influencer Celebrity, make sure to reach out to their agents - not directly to them. The Influencer Celebrity Offer should consist of a detailed plan and points that explain how both sides can benefit the deals - the type of content, price, delivery time, etc.


3. Party and Promoters Offer - How Can You Benefit From Them?


Any event manager, hosting manager, brand involved in the event industry, or even individual entrepreneurs willing to advertise their small business can benefit from Party and Promoters Offers. Here’s why — because the people who create these Offers care about their Buyers. The Party and Promoters creators live that same lifestyle, and they’re willing to go one step further to provide excellent promotional services. Influencers are great at promoting party-related events. Freelancers working in creative industries like lifestyle, design, or writing can be a valuable addition to your team and help you reach your target audience and accomplish your business goals.


4. Why Should Buyers Consider Book Offers?


Books Offers are deals made by Freelancers and Influencers involved in the book industry. Buyers can use multiple filters to find their preferred Freelancer or Influencer, reach them out and start the collaboration. Few things to know about Books Offers: Freelancer Book deals may involve Graphic Design service, Writing and Translation service, etc. On the other hand, Influencer Book deals should include promotional activities like doing a review, promoting the book via video or story, publishing a post about it, price of the deal, delivery time, etc.