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Family Influencers Offers – FAQs

Family Offers at Brybe Marketplace – What Are Those?


Brybe Marketplace is the home of many Influencers, including Family Influencers. These talented individuals can create their Family Offers, where every promotional activity is explained in detail. Buyers can find different Family deals at our marketplace. As a Buyer, you can choose the type of Influencer you want to create your campaign - nano, micro, macro, or mega. You can select the Influencer’s location and the preferred social media for your campaign. Most importantly, you can search between multiple pre-made deals and discover the ones that will be the most suitable for your brand.


How To Recognize a Good Family Offer?


A good Family Offer depends on a lot of factors. For starters, a crucial element is the type of Influencer. If you want to promote your product or services to a smaller audience, nano and micro Influencers are a great choice. But if you’re looking for more extensive coverage, you should check out the pre-made arrangements from macro or mega Influencers only. A good Family offer is made by creators who are involved in the industry in many ways. They may run a business or sell family-related products or services, or are simply passionate about having a family and support traditional family values. Whatever the reason may be, the background of any blogger or creator is essential. Also, a great deal has a detailed description of the services, the pricing, and the delivery time.


What Are The Different Types of Family Offers?


There are three types of Family Offers at our Marketplace: Genealogy, Parenting, and Traditions Offers. Each one of these deals contains different benefits for the Buyers. Genealogy deals are done by Influencers who are familiar with genealogy as a concept or study. They’re the ones interested in family history and tracing of family origins. Parenting Offers are created by talents who are involved in the parenting world. Traditions Offers are launched by Influencers who are firm supporters and believers of the family tradition system. Traditions Influencers can promote any products or services related to keeping up the traditional family values.


What Should A Parenting Offer Contain?


The Parenting Offers are pretty popular at our Marketplace, and nothing is surprising about that. It’s a known fact that many parents seek advice or look for product and service recommendations on social media. Such recommendations can help them deal more manageable with the difficulties of parenting life. That’s why a good parenting deal should contain a specifically developed social media post (video, image, reel), the price and the delivery time too and any other small details that should add value to the Offer.