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Household Influencers For Collaboration - FAQs

What is a home Influencer?


A home Influencer is a person who covers various topics related to the household, like renovation, home decor, DIY projects, buying a new home, even mortgage, and tax tips and promoting real estate services. Since this is a huge category, our Buyer will probably have to put some effort to find the right person from our Influencers' Offer. As you talk to them, you will discover what they can do for you, which makes the hiring process much easier. So, if you need family and household Influencers, don't think twice – join Brybe and hire the one.


Can a Buyer become an Influencer after they gain experience?


This is probably the best-case scenario for us. When a Buyer works with a home Influencer for a longer time, they learn how to do the things themselves, too. That may lead to becoming influential later. We always hope that some of our Buyers will come back to the Brybe Marketplace, to offer their Influencers' service to the new members. Even though our goal is to help improve your business, we surely want every Buyer in this category to have a chance to be a homemaker Influencer too.


How to find and hire family and household Influencers?


Brybe makes this process easy for everyone. We offer a lot of categories, so the Buyers can be precise enough to accomplish their specific requirements. In the householding subcategory, you will find Influencers who are dedicated to this topic. These people can be an exceptional option to share your knowledge and experience. That will help others make their life more comfortable, and overcome all the challenges in everyday householding. We offer Influencers from different price ranges, so you can surely find someone to fit your budget and help you let your ideas become real.


How much does it cost to hire a home Influencer?


Every household Influencer comes with a price. As a Buyer, you will first need to decide if you prefer FREE or PRO access to Brybe. That's the price you are paying to the Marketplace, to extend your options, since the FREE version has some daily or one-time limits. You can easily check that on the Pricing page. But, when it comes to household Influencers, their price is listed on their profiles. So, when you need homemakers or family and household Influencers, you need to carefully check their price. Sometimes you can negotiate the terms, but most of the time, it's a fixed price, with various services included. You will discuss that with the Influencer, once you start a communication.


Who uses household Influencers?


Our Buyers come from different industries. When it comes to households, they are mostly DIY artists, architects, home suppliers, real estate agents, renovation experts, and so on. Also, they can be experienced individuals who know a lot about householding but don't have enough audience to share that or start their own business. Brybe can help them all find the home Influencers they need, for the price they can afford.