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Social Care Influencers for Collaboration

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Social Care Influencers for Collaboration - FAQs

Can you make a career as a social care worker?


Social care workers have hands full of jobs every day of their life. They work directly with the people in need and check on them regularly. If you want to make a career as a social worker, you really have to love that. You will work with different marginalized groups, like abused children or women, former or current narcotic users, victims of domestic violence, or poor society groups who don't have their rights. It's not as easy as a social media Influencer career, since you will have to face the real problems directly. Sometimes, that can be really traumatizing, and as we said, you must love this career path, so you can be successful in it.


What is social care and can it be a popular topic?


Social care refers to workers who provide personal care and assistance for the people in need. They are supportive of them and help them get out of the bad life they have now. For example, a social worker can work with a family, to provide them with both physical and emotional support, to ease their life. Social care workers have a really stressful job. They are directly tied to the people in need, and sometimes they create emotional bonds with them. We must admit that this is a real act of humanity and that it deserves the attention of social networks. Maybe it can’t be a popular topic, because of the sensitivity, but it surely has to be promoted on the internet. Who knows, maybe some good person will find their perfect career in it.


Why do people need social care, support, and protection?


People need social care and support when they have suffered something bad in their life, or their situation is not well at the moment. Many people are poor and live literally day by day, sometimes without a portion of food or water. Others may have lost their rights because they were abused in the past. Some people are war refugees, and they don't even have personal documents with them. Social care workers are here to provide support, and to be with them when needed. People may need this kind of help for so many reasons. And the social workers aren't after a social media Influencer career at all - that's why you will rarely see them share examples of their work or some real-life stories.


Can social workers become social care Influencers on the internet?


They can if they want to, but most of the time, they are the “backstage”, minding their own business. Brybe supports all types of social care activism on the internet, but we also respect those who want to keep their job private. There are social care Influencers on our Marketplace, and they do a great job, working together with the Buyers. We also encourage the social workers who want to make a change, to join as Buyers and work with the best Influencers in the world.